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Item No. AMR795D1

Item No:

For spring wire diameters up to .625"




  1. Lubricate the threads with 30W oil before each use. Retract detent pins by pulling back on the latch pins. Insert the tool assemblies so that both ends engage the spring at the furthest rung. Push detent pins in to lock the hook assembly onto the spring. Spring compressors should be 180° across from each other before compressing the spring. Begin tightening bolts by hand.

  2. Alternate tightening each assembly with an air gun or socket to assure equal compression. Compress until springs are free of spring seats. Normally 3" or less is required.

  3. Remove the upper bearing dust cap, upper coil seat and upper bearing plate to expose piston rod nut. Remove and set aside the coil spring in a compressed state. You are now ready to repair the shock absorber or bent strut.



  • Threaded rod and built-in detent latches to help lock coil in place

  • Forged construction for repetitive use

  • Broad spring contact


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