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Directory of Automotive Hand Tools

To offer an alternative way to browse our range of automotive tools and equipment, we have set up this small directory that has organized many of the hand tools into specific categories based on the equipment type rather then the area of the car it is used on.

Tool & Equipment Categories:

adapter / convertor
equipment used for conversion of various automotive parts.
specific tools used to safely disassemble auto parts.
chisel & punch
includes sets of interchangeable chisel and punch bits.
seal / valve tools
tools for maintaining various seals.
various clamping tools for fuel lines, brake lines, hose.
sets of sockets for all aspects of automotive care.
includes spring and piston ring compressors.
tester / gauge tools
both electrical and non-electrical testers / gauges used to monitor specific auto parts and systems.
various cutters for various automotive applications.
tuning / adjusting
tools for accurately altering certain aspects of a car.
disconnect tool
aid in the disconnection of automotive parts.
vacuum lifter cups
tools used to lift parts with large surface areas eg panels and glass.
installer / remover
various tools for installation and removal of specific auto parts.
wrench / ratchet
range of different wrenches designed for specific jobs and different type of ratchet handle.
a number of different pliers used for all areas of cars.
tools for european vehicle
many kinds of tools for european vehcle--e.g., BMW, Mercedes, etc.

If you browse these categories but can't find what you need, be sure to check our main automotive tool categories that are organized by area of use. Don't forget, we are a custom automotive hand tools supplier / manufacturer / exporter and if we don't quite have the equipment you need don't hesitate to contact us as we are very experienced in OEM tool manufacture.



you can also browse our automotive hand tools by equipment type:

adapter/convertor | chisel & punch | clamp | compressor | cutter | disconnect tool | installer/remover |
pliers | puller | seal/valve tool | socket | tester/gauge | tuning/adjusting | vacuum lifter cups | wrench/ratchet

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